London Taxis Australia

Launching London Taxis

London Taxis on the streets of Sydney? It was a question that needed answering.

London Taxis Australia had made a commitment to bring the best of British to the Australian public. They required a strategy that clearly communicated to the public their offering and get them to engage with this most iconic of taxis.

Working with a great product is fun and does present certain challenges. Anyone who has been to London has fond memories of a London Taxi. Our challenge was re-positioning them to be a viable and preferred transport alternative for point to point transport in Sydney.

London Taxis Australia

Re-positioning an icon from an oddity to a preferred transport method was just about clear messaging.

We broke the problem down into steps that included simple and clear explanations of what the product was, why it was better and how you go about getting it.

Object awareness was very high but brand awareness was not. We created an engaging user experience that was anchored by clear messaging and custom imagery of drivers and passengers. Tone of voice was also important here – we could not come across old fashioned or stuffy – so we incorporated a more casual, almost Australian vernacular to bridge the gap between Britain and Australia.

We created social platforms and concentrated on taking attitudes from surprised to delighted that the service existed.

London Taxis Australia
London Taxis Australia
London Taxis Australia

Our last challenge was to change the way customers saw the taxis. People would see them from time to time and point, stare and take photos but they were still considered and oddity rather than an alternative form of transport.

We decided to change this by staging a stunt in Free Ride Friday in the Sydney CBD.

We gathered 40 of the London Taxis and ran them from The Rocks right up Pitt Street and did a continuous loop providing consumers with the opportunity to experience how good a London Taxi is – for free. We had an enormous response across social, provided over 260 rides on the day and broadened the brand visibility immensely.


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