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GET LOST for a few more days

Creating one compelling campaign that communicated three very different holiday destinations required a novel approach.

This was our main challenge: Create a campaign that was cohesive, but feature the destinations offered across the wide geographic area that is the New Zealand and Fiji.

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AccorHotels New Zealand

Half the battle with digital banners is getting noticed. The platform can be very cluttered with a lot of noise, creating an idea that engages and connects to the offer can be challenging.

The area that this offer covered ranged the snow covered peaks of New Zealand to sunny beaches in Fiji. A winter offer that promised experiences from snow to sun.

We liked the idea of getting lost in the enjoyment of a holiday, and we also liked the linguistic pun the idea presented.

Get lost – an offer, a command, and a suggestion and a mild expletive. We used the latter to get attention and then brought the other ideas in via the narrative.

AccorHotels New Zealand

The campaign was anchored via highly engaging animation and imagery that presented as potential experiences rather than actual product.

The emotive images invited further investigation – coupled with the cut-through provided by the cheeky opening – led to a highly successful campaign for the region.


We have worked with Litterini+Clark on a number of online retail marketing campaigns, and their creative concepts have been outstanding. They take care to really understand the brief and our business to ensure we achieve the desired outcome.

We have had some great campaign results, including a 68% increase in room nights for our Free Breakfast offer, and the online display banners consistently achieve a CTR above the industry benchmark. We have also had a number of technical challenges with small file size requirements of our HTML5 banners. Litterini+Clark went above and beyond to find a solution, that has given us a lot more flexibility and removed the creative restrictions we were facing.

Donni Wilson - Digital Marketing Manager, AccorHotels New Zealand and Fiji

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