Logo Design  

A logo embodies the personality, ideas and expressions of your brand, your product, your promise, and the consumers expectations. To connect with your current brand, or to represent the strategy of your brand to be, research needs to determine where you are, where you think you are, where consumers think you are and where you want to be.

Research gives us the data, exploration allows us to iterate the design.

Elements are broken down and put back together and done again.

Word marks, graphics are joined or broken, stacked, un-stacked, exploration lets us find answers to questions that we hadn’t asked. Exploration is the tool to discover the result.

Why our clients use our services

Design is what brings it altogether. Colours, fonts, shapes, juxtaposition, relativity, upper, lower case, texture, harmony.

Design is the glue that holds it altogether and creates a logo that embodies your brand and it’s equity.


We like to build long term business relationships though we do provide ad-hoc services for one off jobs. Our graphic design services extend through branding, corporate identity, logo design, presentations, packaging design, annual reports, forms, advertising, campaigns, and all manner of brochures and associated collateral.

Case Studies

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