Branding and Logo Design  

Your brand is created by the multiple interactions of all your touchpoints with consumers. Your digital, print, packaging, tone of voice, copywriting, content, and website are not mutually exclusive.

We create brands that speaks with one voice. We can also audit your current brand to ensure you are relaying a message that is consistent.

Your brand is in everything you do.

Achieving alignment of your promise and market perceptions is achieved via a mix of your physical brand, your tone of voice, communications, and the myriad of interactions within the market.

A cohesive brand strategy should encompass all facets of the business that interacts with your market, and ensure they all work in concert. If they are not, we can assist in implementing a strategy to align them via all your channels.

Similarly if you are re-positioning your brand, you need to examine all your channels and create a strategy that will shift your positioning in a cohesive way.

Logo and design provides the powerful symbols that reflect your brand.

Design is what gives you emotional equity. From your logo to the feel of a physical product, it is the initial differentiation that sets you apart, but it is also the long term symbol of what you stand for.

Design crosses every facet of brand and should work to achieve a compelling and consistent message. Design covers all areas; your logo, brochures, website, HTML emails. It determines corporate brand guidelines and within that fonts, colour palette and the treatment of copy on a page.

Logo design is the masthead that encompasses all your brand promise and should form the foundation of your branding.


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