The Curse of Page Rank

Over the last few years we have learnt enough about SEO to do some good for our clients, and we thought, ourselves.

The one thing we didn’t bank on was what would happen when we finally reached the coveted page one rank in our key search term- graphic design Sydney. We spent 6 months building our arsenal of page rank tools and weapons,  and after a hard slog we hit page one. There was much jubilation in the office that day.

The next thing that happened is that the phone started ringing…and ringing quite constantly with a bevy of new entrepreneurs looking for assistance with their graphic design/branding/logo/website. Again much jubilation in the office…until we started to qualify them.

Web Design for Rex Dupain

We have admired Rex’s work for years so we were very chuffed to help him with his first web design. Being an artist and a photographer the aesthetic was of paramount importance, it was our job to create something that balanced the artistry with functionality.